Group training at STE

Level increase for Dutch, English and German

You can take part in one of our group language courses through Open Enrolment. The courses are given in small groups of up to nine participants, where everyone has the same starting level. Level increase courses at STE Languages is ideal for learning a language in stages. In these courses the emphasis is on general business language. You work progressively towards a higher level and complete the course with a test. Once you pass the test you can take part in a course at a higher language level.


The Level increase for Dutch, English and German can be attended once a week and the course duration is 15 weeks. Starting dates are in January, April, June, September and November. You can view all our scheduled Open Enrolments here.


Level increase for Dutch (Intensive)

An intensive programme is also available for the Level increase for Dutch course. Students can attend two lessons a week instead of one and the course duration is 7.5 weeks. Starting dates are in January, April, May, June, September and November. You can view all our scheduled Open Enrolments here.


Level increase for Dutch (Highly Intensive)

Attend lessons during the day and then have time for leisure or other commitments. That’s the advantage of attending STE's Highly Intensive Daytime Course. You can take up the challenge with your fellow students from all over the world! In 7.5 weeks (levels A1 and A2) or 10 weeks (levels B1 and B2) you will be able to build a solid foundation of the Dutch language. You can view the schedule here.


Level increase for Dutch on MBO level

Would you like to lay some good foundations for your Dutch language? Do you want to be able to have conversations in Dutch with colleagues and feel confident while doing so? Would you like to be able to independently fill in forms and read texts? Then sign up for our Dutch at MBO level course!


Language Clinics for Dutch, English and German

Would you like to learn to speak better Dutch,English or German in a short time frame? Have you mastered the language in general but feel that you are still often searching for the right words? Then increase your speaking skills with a language Clinic. In just 8 weeks you will be able to improve your language skills and language confidence. Interested? See which course is best suited for you in our overview of courses.

Regular language training courses focus on speaking, listening, reading and writing. In a Language Clinic the emphasis is on speaking skills and fluency and that is exactly what can make the difference in daily practice. Our trainers are native speakers who can help you to really understand a language. Learn to listen better and speak more fluently, so that you can start every conversation with confidence.


Language Boost

Would you like to exercise a specific skill within a short time frame? Boost your language skills for Spanish, English, German or Dutch. Please see our range of courses below.
Are you interested, have any questions or would like some more information? See which course is best suited for you in our overview of courses or feel free to contact us: on +31 (0)40 245 28 60 or at


Exam training

Is it obligatory for you to integrate into the Netherlands? Would you perhaps like to study for an MBO, HBO or university degree? Or do you want to apply for a permanent residence permit as an expat? If so, you will need to successfully complete an Integration Exam or State Exam. STE Languages ​​offers special exam training so that you can be optimally prepared for any of these.


Online Classroom

Are your employees often abroad for work? That’s no problem! Our Online Classroom is accessible globally via the internet. This way students can log in on the same day and time of their lesson and therefore won’t have to miss any lessons.


At STE it's also possible to follow individual language training. This type of course allows you to work with your own language trainer on achieving the highest possible language level for the skills that you find important, in any language!


Click here for an overview of our competitively rates.

These group training courses for Dutch, English and German are given at STE Languages. STE Languages has 16 well-equipped classrooms at its location in Eindhoven. Lessons are Face-to-Face or Online. In unforeseen circumstances, a Face-to-Face lesson can be attended via our Online Classroom. Books and course materials are provided in the first lesson. Students must take into account that 2-4 hours of homework per lesson is necessary to complete the course. In order for us to determine students starting levels and personal learning goals, each STE Languages training course will start with an individual intake interview.
These courses are general language training courses consisting of 30 hours, in which all skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing) are dealt with. The aim of the training is for students to achieve higher level language skills. Students can choose between a regular course (15 weeks x 2 hours) or an intensive course where they attend either 4, 6 or 8 hours of lessons per week.
The training course price is €695.00 for 30-hour Group Training / Open Enrolments including intake costs of €41.00.

Additional teaching materials are added, ranging from:
EUR 50.00 to EUR 100.00 with Dutch courses
EUR 50.00 to EUR 155.00 with English courses
EUR 50.00 to EUR 80.00 with German courses
EUR 50.00 to EUR 100.00 with Spanish courses
The training course is concluded with a final test. After completion of the course students will receive a certificate.
  • Quality and personal interaction at your own level

  • Homogeneous groups mean a faster and more effective way of working

  • Courses are taught step by step to allow students to reach a higher level within the Common European Framework of Reference