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1. Where is STE located?

STE’s head office is in Eindhoven, at Aalsterweg 3, 5615 CA Eindhoven


STE has a facility in Sittard, at Sablones, Kantoor 5E, Stationsplein 1, 6131 AS, Sittard

2. What are STEís opening hours?

Mondays - Thursdays: 08:00 to 21:30 hrs
Fridays: 08:00 to 17:00 hrs
Saturdays: 09:00 to 13:30 hrs


Mondays - Thursdays: 08:00 to 21:30 hrs
Fridays: 08:00 to 17:00 hrs
Saturdays: 09:00 to 13:30 hrs

3. How can I get to STE by public transport?

Bus 7/317/318/407/117, bus stop: Looiakkerstraat
Bus 17/11, bus stop: Heistraat

More information


Our location in Sittard is well served by public transport: the building is near Sittard railway station. You can walk to our location from the back of the station in about 5 minutes.

4. Does STE have parking facilities?

STE has reserved parking spaces for students at the parking lot behind the building. In addition, there are ample free parking spaces in the neighbourhood.


Our location in Sittard has a private parking lot.

5. Is there a bicycle park?

STE has its own covered bicycle park. You can park your bicycle for free in this secured space. If you ring the bell at the bicycle park the receptionist will open the door for you. We urge you to use this bicycle park as bicycles are often stolen, unfortunately.

You can park your bicycle at the premises, but unfortunately this is not covered and not secured.


1. What are STEís opening hours?

Mondays - Thursdays: 08:00 to 21:30 hrs
Fridays: 08:00 to 17:00 hrs
Saturdays: 09:00 to 13:30 hrs



Mondays - Fridays: 08:30 to 17:00 hrs

2. Is STE closed during the holidays?

In 2020 STE is closed on the following days:


New year's day: Wednesday 1 January

Easter: Monday 13 April

Kingsday: Monday 27 April

Liberation day: Tuesday 5 May

Ascension day: Thursday 21 May and Friday 22 May

Whitsunday: Monday 1 June

Christmas: Friday 25 December and Saturday 26 December 

New year's day: Thursday 31 December 2019 and Friday 1 January 2020

3. In what languages do you provide courses?
  • Individual courses (private classes)

  • In-company courses

  • Open Enrolment courses (in small groups, once a week)

  • Open Enrolment Intensive courses (in small groups, twice a week)

  • Open Enrolment Highly Intensive Daytime courses (in small groups, four times a week)

  • Workshops

5. Can courses be provided on location?

All our courses are tailor-made, with the exception of our Open Enrolment courses. The client can always choose the course location: at one of our locations, at the company’s location or at a different location. If the course is given at a location of the client, we charge travel expenses for the language trainer.

6. I donít want to take classes. Do you also provide eLearning?

STE has developed its own eLearning modules which it frequently uses during course programmes. These modules are not sold independently.

7. My eLearning is not working. What should I do?

This can have several causes.
The most common causes can be found here

8. Is STE certified?

STE Languages ​​is certified by two external organisations, Cedeo and Blik op Werk.

9. Is STE aware of grant schemes?

Given the large number of grant schemes, we recommend that you contact a specialised grants organisation. We refer you to the, where you can find general information.

10. Can I arrange a visa through STE?

No, this is not possible at STE. We can, however, refer you to the appropriate organisation.

11. How do I change my details in your database, such as my address or password?

Each STE student receives a unique login code for our secure site. You can modify your personal information on our secure site. If you have forgotten your password you can request a new one at ‘my STE’.

12. Do you also have an STE app?

STE currently does not offer an app. We do give students access to our secure site, where we offer a wide selection of course material.

13. Can I have a meal at STE?

STE has a meeting area where you can get free coffee and tea. On the ground floor there is a vending machine with soft drinks and snacks. There are several restaurants in the vicinity of STE.


You can get free tea and coffee at the entrance of our location in Sittard, where you can also enjoy your own meals.

14. Does STE provide child care?

STE does not provide child care. Bringing children to classes is not allowed, as it is important to us to provide our students with a quiet learning environment.

For how long will I have access to the student Portal?

All students receive access to the STE student Portal. This Portal allows you to access your personal details. You can update or edit your details at any time.

You can access all “extra material” in the Portal throughout the duration of your training course. This access will be available from your course start date until one month after completion of your course.

Inburgering (civic integration)

1. What are the costs of language courses for the Dutch Inburgering/Staatsexamen?

Students can participate in short group courses. This way they can improve their language level step by step and at their own pace. The costs are based on the final exit level and any exam training. You must have level A1+ for the Inburgeringsexamen. The required level for the Staatsexamen NT2 Programme I is B1, and the required level for Programme II is B2.

2. Do you work with DUO?

STE is certified by Blik op Werk (quality and knowledge institution in the field of employment). If you have a DUO loan, you can take language courses at STE for your Inburgering/Staatsexamen.

3. Can I apply for a DUO loan with STE?

DUO loans are taken out personally. The loan cannot be requested by a third party (such as STE). We can of course assist you in completing the application form. For more information please go to .

4. How can I register for the exams?

On the following websites you can register for the exams:

5. Can I pay for the exam with my DUO loan?

It is possible to pay the 'inburgeringsexamen' or the 'staatsexamen' from your DUO loan:



There are two possibilities to register for the 'inburgeringsexamen':
Either Online or using a registration form. At this moment it is not possible to request payment via your DUO loan online.


You can register for the 'staatsexamen' online. When you request an exam online you can choose: 'betalingsverzoek per post'. As soon as you receive this by mail you can send it to:


Service Centrum Inburgering
Postbus 764
9700 AT Groningen


Within two weeks before the exam you will receive an: 'oproepkaart'. You need to bring this paper when you take the exam.


Did you pay for the 'staatsexamen' yourself?

Please send an e-mail to
State your name and BSN number in the e-mail. You can inform DUO you paid the exam fee yourself but wish to pay from your student loan instead.
It is advised to attach a scanned version of the exam confirmation letter.
You will hear from DUO shortly.

6. Can I change or cancel my registration for the inburgeringsexamen (civic integration exam)?

You can register for an inburgeringsexamen (civic integration exam) until 5 days before the date of the exam.


You can change the date of your exam until 2 weeks before the exam. You can cancel your exam registration at any moment in time.

If the exam is cancelled at least 2 weeks prior to the exam date, the exam fee will be refunded.


Please click here for more information.


1. Can I pay with my bank card at STE?

It is possible to pay with your bank card at STE.

2. Can I get a discount?

STE operates a fixed discount policy for companies. For more information please contact your account manager or our general number: +31 (0)40 245 2860.

3. Can I pay in instalments?

Private students can pay in two instalments: the first before the start of the course and the second halfway through the course.

4. When must my course be paid for?

Companies must pay in accordance with the agreed payment term. Individuals must pay within ten days after the invoice date.

Open Enrolment courses

1. When do the Open Enrolment courses start?

At STE, Open Enrolment Dutch courses start five times a year, in January, April, June, September and November. For other languages, courses start twice a year in January and September. You can find a summary of all the Open Enrolment courses organised by STE on the homepage of our website

2. What is the size of the groups with Open Enrolment courses?

STE provides courses for groups of between four and nine students.

3. I can catch up missed classes for an Open Enrolment?

Open Enrolment courses are given according to a fixed curriculum and timetable. It is therefore not possible to catch up missed classes. Participants receive their course plans at the beginning of the course, which means they can catch up any missed classes themselves. It is not possible to catch up missed classes in another group as we believe the group’s composition is important and should not change.

4. I am unable to take my final test. Can I catch up?

The final test is taken during the last class of the Open Enrolment course. If you are unable to make this, STE offers you the opportunity to take your final test at another time. On 'my STE' you can select a new test date. Should you be unable to make it on any of these dates either, you can take your final test up to 6 weeks after the last course day. In that case, please make an appointment with reception to take the final test.

5. Will I be refunded my tuition fees if I stop early?

When you enrol, we reserve a place for you in the group of your choice. It is not possible to fill these places halfway through the course. It is therefore not possible to be refunded for the tuition fees of an Open Enrolment course.

6. What if an Open Enrolment course does not start; does STE provide an alternative?

Open Enrolment courses are based on a minimum of four enrolments. We do our best to ensure that each scheduled group course can go ahead, but unfortunately that is not always possible. We always offer you an alternative based on what is possible at that moment.


1. Iím looking for an individual, intensive language course. What options does STE provide?

In addition to the Open Enrolment courses and Highly Intensive Daytime courses, we also offer individual intensive courses. Individual courses are always tailored to a participant’s needs, so we modify the course to your needs/possibilities. One lesson of two hours a week is preferable, as it has been shown that this is necessary to properly get to grips with the course material. Sometimes there is a reason to schedule an intensive week, such as a planned business trip. STE also provides for this option.

2. Can I have my language level tested?

It is possible to take a language level test at STE. This consists of a 30-minute conversation and a written test. You will receive a certificate of this with a brief description of the level.

3. What does an intake look like?

An intake consists of an interview and a written test.

4. I have no knowledge of a specific language. Why must I do an intake?

With our Open Enrolment courses it is important that you are placed with students who have the same language level as you. During the intake we look at your language skills, but also your level of education and how you study. 
An intake is also a requirement for the other courses. When the course begins, we want to start teaching immediately and not waste any time on organisational matters.

5. Is a language of instruction needed?

This is only required for Dutch language courses. At the beginner’s levels (A1- and A1), there must be a language of instruction. The language of instruction is English (at least A2+ level). Starting from the A1+ level, the lessons are given in the target language as much as possible.

6. Can I learn two languages simultaneously?

It is possible to learn two languages at the same time; however, we do not recommend this. It is preferable to improve your language skills for one language at a time.

7. Can I move classes?

This is not possible for Open Enrolment and in-company courses. It is possible for individual courses, but within specific limits. Check our terms and conditions here

8. I need to travel for my work and will miss some classes. What options does STE provide?

It is not possible to catch up classes for the Open Enrolment courses. It is possible, however, to schedule a number of individual hours (at a cost) to catch up the missed classes. If desired, you can take individual lessons through our Virtual Classroom when travelling abroad. This allows you to continue your classes.


Do you foresee that you will miss a lot of classes? In that case we advise you to postpone your (subsequent) classes to a future start date.

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