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18 augustus 2016

A change in our programme of Dutch language courses

STE is introducing a new and improved programme for open enrolment Dutch language courses for groups. A new level of B1- for group courses will be added. This additional level of B1- will help course participants to make a better transition from level A2+ to B1. Another new aspect of the programme is the two-tier system after completing level A2: 


  • B1- towards STEX I, B1 towards STEX I (STEX I stands for Staatsexamen I, at Dutch secondary vocational education level middelbaar beroepsonderwijs mbo) 
  • B1-, B1, B1+, B2 optionally followed by exam training for Staatsexamen II at Dutch higher education level hoger beroepsonderwijs hbo/university). 

This new programme will be implemented on 1 September 2016.
STE always works with 30-hour blocks: 15 classes of 2 hours each. “A course participant can improve their language skills with 1 level per block. From A1- to A1, to A1+, to A2 to A2+, to B1, to B1+ to B2, explains Dutch language coordinator Angelique Konings. “Over the last year, we have thoroughly evaluated this programme and carefully analysed the results and feedback of our course participants. What was the case? Some course participants felt the need for an alternative programme, which addresses different topics and has a slightly slower pace.”

What do these changes mean? 
Angelique: “Well, first of all we are adding a new language level to the group courses we offer: B1-. This will make the transition from A2+ to B1 easier and course participants will have more time to reach a solid B1 level.” 

Secondly, STE is offering an alternative programme after reaching level A2+. The tier B1- towards STEX I and B1 towards STEX I is aimed at improving language skills and requires an average learning pace of the course participants. “The topics covered are family, education and work, media, traffic and transport, for example,” says Angelique. The other tier B1-, B1, B1+ and B2 has a higher learning pace. “Topics in this tier include emotions and social skills, globalisation and sustainability, environment and the future.” 

Course participants can, if they would like to, take part in exam training for Staatsexamen Programme I (after level B1) or exam training for Staatsexamen Programme II (after level B2).

Would you like to see a clear figure with the new programme for Dutch language courses for groups? Then please click here.

Any questions?
If you have any questions about the changes in our programme, please contact our Sales department by telephone on +31 (0)40 245 28 60 or by using the contact form

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