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23 oktober 2017

‘Try reading a children’s book!’

Julien Borromini (29) has lived in the Netherlands since 2014. He moved from France to the Netherlands to be with his boyfriend.  So the language of love is not the problem, but the language of his new country is a challenge. This is why he is working on his Dutch language skills at STE.


Why did you decide to take a language course?
‘When I moved to the Netherlands, I immediately started to learn Dutch. Simply at home with a textbook. But I soon found out that this didn’t work. If I really wanted to learn the Dutch language, I needed professional training. So I started looking for a Dutch course that suited me.’


Why STE Languages?
‘I initially started to take Dutch lessons at another language institute. But I made too little progress. The groups were too big, the level was too low and the language trainer was not dedicated enough. When I looked around, I came across STE Languages. I read the reviews and saw what they had to offer. All very positive so I registered for an intake interview.’

Which courses have you taken?
‘I began with the Dutch language course at level A1- and now I am taking level B2. I always take group courses and that really suits me. The groups are small (a maximum of 9 participants) so the language trainer can give individual feedback to suit everyone’s specific learning needs and requirements. And we also learn from each other.’  

What are your learning experiences?
‘Listening, reading, writing and speaking: we cover the full range of language skills. So much more than just grammar. It’s precisely this combination of skills that allows you to learn so much.’

How is your Dutch now? Does the training course offer you added value in your daily life?
‘Whether I am going food shopping or eating out in a restaurant: I always try to speak Dutch. Step by step, I am starting to feel more comfortable. Reading is fine, partly because I practise reading the newspaper every week. Listening is still a challenge, because people are talking fast and sometimes with an accent. Topics and situations that I am not familiar with can still be quite difficult for me, but in general my Dutch is getting much better.’

What is your general impression of STE?
‘Everything is very well-organised. The staff are friendly and the language trainers are superb. Thanks to the study schedule  you know exactly where you are. I am improving my language skills step by step. I recommend STE for the full 100%!

Do you have a tip for new course participants?
‘Take your time and be patient. Learning Dutch is difficult; you need to make an effort. You really need to go for it and always do your homework. Tune the radio to a Dutch channel from time to time. What also helps me is reading a Dutch children’s book. You will soon be able to understand them and it will help you to improve your understanding of the Dutch language.’

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