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Training course: Nederlands A1, (Intensief) Nederlands op mbo-niveau
Date: 14-01-2021 - 04-03-2021
Time: 19:30 - 21:30
Course days: Monday, Thursday
Location: Eindhoven
Goals: This is a general language skills training course, in which all skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing) are covered. The aim of the course is to achieve a higher level of language skills and focuses on general Dutch.
Contents: During this Dutch course you will learn to speak, write, read and listen. The course will be given at an average pace, so that students can keep up with the lessons.
Through guided speaking exercises, reading of dialogues and participating in role plays, students continue to practice their speaking skills. During the lessons you will notice that we often work with "chunks" - these are standard phrases that often appear in the Dutch language, which you will immediately be able to put into practice.
Listening skills are practiced with the use of listening excerpts on subjects based on daily life. During this course, students learn to read simple texts and understand instructions. In terms of writing skills, students practice by means of carrying out various exercises, constructing short sentences and filling in various forms. As part of the course students are also offered a basic grammar refresher (including the verb tenses) and are able to build on their stock of 'daily-life' vocabulary.
Topics: the days of the week, telling the time, the daily schedule, traveling by public transport, daily life, formal and informal use of language.

This training course can be attended as part of the preparation for the Civic Integration Exam or the NT2 I Exam.
Starting Level: Dutch level A1-.
Course Materials: Taaltalent 1, uitgeverij Coutinho. Klare Taal, uitgeverij Boom.
Duration: 15 classes of 2 hours each. Lessons twice a week.
Course Fee: 660.00 excl. VAT (Books not included)
Intake: 41.00 excl. VAT
Private individuals do not need to pay VAT
Remarks: Please make an appointment to take an intake interview and register for STE's group course Dutch. The best way for your all-round Dutch language skills.

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