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Who better to give you a good idea of our services than our students? Here are some comments from a range of clients giving their thoughts on our language training and other services.


MCB Nederland - Valkenswaard

"Precies wat je van de studie Duits A1 (beginnerscursus) mag verwachten, werd ook waar gemaakt. Genoeg individuele aandacht, altijd ruimte om vragen te stellen en de lesstof zit prima in elkaar. Ook al is het Duits voor een zakelijke toepassing, ook op vakantie heb ik me er prima mee kunnen redden. Wanneer de kans zich voordoet schrijf ik me ook in voor Duits A2 om de Duitse taal nog beter onder de knie te krijgen."

Ron Peters, MCB Nederland

Oskomera Group - Deurne

 Oskomera Group is an internationally-oriented company and a major player in the facade industry. Our employees regularly deal with foreign contacts. We also have an office in London which is why our employees have to be able to communicate in English with each other.
We have recently commissioned an in-company training course in Business English for a group of employees. We are very pleased with the services provided by STE Languages.

During the preparations before the language course we found that STE is an excellent partner in training that really understands our training needs and requirements. STE is very good at determining these needs and providing a suitable solution. There is no doubt about the quality of the language trainer and the general arrangements and overall communication ran very smoothly. Our employees were really happy with the language course and have all been able to complete the course successfully. That’s why I can certainly recommend STE to fellow organisations that find it important to continue to develop and invest in the language skills of their employees and who are looking for a reliable partner that focuses on quality and good co-operation. A good match between our company and a training organisation is essential to us. And this is exactly what we have found in STE!

Ben de Fretes, Senior HR Advisor, Oskomera Group

DAF Trucks - Eindhoven

I made a lot of progress in the first 20 Italian lessons thanks to the specific teaching methods of the language trainer. She is very driven and often goes the extra mile which is why I would choose STE again – without a doubt – if I need a follow-up course in Italian. Not only the level of teaching skills but also the fact that I could immediately apply what I learnt were the best things about this course. That’s why I always recommend STE to my colleagues if they need language training courses.

Martine Peeten, MDI Analyst, DAF PACCAR Parts Europe

APG - Heerlen

I’ve recently arranged an English course with STE Languages for a group of colleagues at APG (there were 15 of us). We had a number of requirements that the course had to meet. For example, the focus had to be on pronunciation and it had to be a Business English course. STE has fully met our expectations. Our English pronunciation and grammar has improved indeed!

The classes were very lively and relaxed thanks to our language trainer, which we really enjoyed. My dealings with the account manager at STE Languages were very pleasant and open, both before and after the course. Our language trainer took the trouble to write an individual evaluation for each one of us about the progre ss we made. My colleagues and I really appreciate this.”

Leo Slenders, Senior Production Manager AM

Habufa Meubelen B.V. - Hapert

"We are extremely pleased with the teaching methods used by STE, with their flexibility and the way in which they communicate with us.
Before, during and after the language course we were always kept well-informed of the level and the progress of the course participants.
The course is tailored to our company so it really deals with practical, everyday situations that we encounter at Habufa Meubelen B.V"

HR Department

Private - University of Applied Sciences (HBO)


'In my Law degree programme, the Dutch language proficiency requirements students have to meet are very high.
The spelling test that we have to pass in the first year was a difficult hurdle for me. A few attempts kept resulting in me failing the test, just. I had to pass the last opportunity of a resit to be able to continue my studies.
To help me prepare for my spelling test, STE developed an intensive tailor-made course. Within 3 weeks with 10 hours of individual language training and homework we managed to improve my level of spelling substantially.
I was very pleased with the result: I passed the spelling test with an 8 (out of 10)!'

Max - Law student

FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics Amsterdam


"It is important for our expats to learn Dutch, both for private as well as professional purposes. STE provides language training for our employees and their families to achieve the required level. As an employer we appreciate the flexibility of our co-operation with STE."

HR Department

SABIC Technology & Innovation


"STE has been a brilliant help to me a “first-timer” living outside my native land. My tutor has tailored our lessons to meet my needs – and these have changed as I have grown into the Netherlands. It is often said that you don’t need to speak Dutch to work in the Netherlands. That may be true but to live here as anything other than an expat then you do need to speak Dutch – and STE has helped me brilliantly to adjust from a newcomer to someone who actually lives here!"

Phil M. Roe, Global Leader Innovation & Sustainability, SABIC Technology & Innovation


STE Languages is an ideal place to learn Dutch. My tutor has been extremely patient and helpful. The pace of learning and content of the lessons is perfect.
The lessons have been tailored to suit my learning needs. These have changed as my language skills grow. I would gladly recommend STE to anyone wishing to learn or develop their Dutch language.

Jane N Grimwood, Technology Intelligence Specialist, SABIC Technology & Innovation

Sitech Manufacturing Services



“What I find so special about STE is that they take the time to tailor the Dutch training course to my needs. They asked me what I was interested in and developed the course programme based on my needs and requirements.”

Stephen Campbell, Director Operations Support

MCB Nederland - Valkenswaard

‘’Exactly what you would expect from an A1 German beginners training course, plenty of individual attention, always the opportunity to ask questions and the chance to work with excellent study material. Even though the course focuses on Business German I was able to survive whilst on holiday!. When the opportunity arises, I will be registering for the A2 German training course in order to further my development and consolidate what I have learnt up to now’’

Ron Peters, MCB Nederland

ASML - Veldhoven

“I am very happy about the course, trainer and other STE employees. Considering my limited time for studying, I learned a lot.”

Silvia Frumento, ASML

Brunel - Eindhoven

"Brunel Brunel is a global provider of business services specialising in project management, secondment and consultancy in the fields of Engineering, IT, Finance, Legal and all disciplines in the oil and gas industry. Brunel works together with its employees on their long-term career development, including areas such as study programmes and skill-training courses. We have seen an increase in the number of our employees who want to learn Dutch. STE provides the language training for a large proportion of this group, and in my experience our employees have been very satisfied with the high level of quality and flexibility that these courses offer."

Brigitte Lammers, HR advisor, Brunel

Private - via Gemeente Eindhoven


High demand for the Staatsexamen NT2 course

'Dutch as the basis for my future'


In the past year more than 150 people have started studying for the state examinations in Dutch (known as the NT2) at STE. The preparatory course consists of one to five modules, depending on the starting level of the candidate. Most students come to STE via the Eindhoven City Council, though some are sent by other organisations. You can read about the motivation and experiences of an NT2 student below.


Halyna Petrivna Ivanova's dream for the future? "To find work in the Netherlands this summer. Preferably an administrative job, or something where I can combine my knowledge of Dutch and Russian. But for that I'll need to have a good knowledge of the Dutch language as well as of Dutch culture and traditions. That's why I'm studying Dutch at STE for six hours a week, along with five other students. This summer, I want to pass the NT2 exam at HBO level."


Halyna comes from Ukraine and has lived in the Netherlands for two years. "I feel completely at home here already, but to really participate in society you need to learn Dutch. I want to thoroughly understand the language, the culture and the people. My integration course wasn't enough, so I asked the Eindhoven City Council what the possibilities were for learning even better Dutch. They pointed me towards STE's course."


Halyna is happy that she chose STE. "You learn a lot from the course material and the interactive lessons. We also do lots of different activities, like listening to Dutch music, and we practice different situations. Each lesson focuses on a specific theme. That works really well, because then you can use what you have learned right away."

Halyna Petrivna Ivanova - via Gemeente Eindhoven

FEI - Eindhoven

My trainer is a great teacher. I've studied languages (and taught English myself) for quite a while now and I really appreciate his methods. He is very approachable and extremely knowledgeable on the subject. Whenever we have questions (and I tend to have a lot of them) he is quick, accurate and concise with the answers. He gives the answers in such a way that they are easy to remember. His commitment to checking our answers on homework, extra assignments, etc. is commendable. We are always encouraged to speak in class and given just the right amount of feedback to help us improve. He is also great with the different levels that each of the students in the class have. Those with lower levels are corrected, for instance on pronunciation, etc. and the more advanced students are corrected on more advanced topics: grammar, sentence structure, tense, etc. I honestly have no suggestions to improve the class. I just hope I can get the same teacher for the next level :)

Ross - FEI Eindhoven

Juliet - via Gemeente Eindhoven

I am very impressed with this school - your instructors, the methodology; therefore I am very pleased.

Juliet - via Gemeente Eindhoven

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