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Inburgering and Staatsexamen

If you are subject to the integration requirement, wish to follow a secondary or higher professional education programme (MBO or HBO) or want to apply for a permanent residence permit as an expat, you will have to take either the Staatsexamen or Inburgeringsexamen (Dutch as a Second Language State Exam or Civic Integration Exam). STE Languages offers special training courses in preparation for these exams.

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Inburgering or Staatsexamen?
The Dutch Government has determined that everyone should be able to read, write, speak and understand Dutch at A2 level as a minimum. To test the language skills of integrating citizens, the Inburgeringsexamen (civic integration exam) has been developed.

Those wishing to study at a vocational institute (MBO) will need a higher language level, B1. They have to pass the Staatsexamen I programme. Those wishing to follow a higher professional education or university-level programme will need B2 level. To demonstrate their skills at this level, they have to pass Staatsexamen II.


Take a look at this figure for our full programme.

DUO, the Education Executive Agency (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs) is responsible for organising the Inburgeringsexamen and Staatsexamen. 


Staatsexamens I and II
STE Languages prepares you for Staatsexamen I or II in a professional way. You can take part in group training courses or individual courses consisting of modules of fifteen lessons each. You start at your own level and continue until you reach the desired level, after which you follow special exam training which involves practising different sample exams.

Our programme is designed for secondary and higher education. If you opt for group classes you can start at your own level five times a year. Click here for the starting dates of the group classes and exam training courses. If you’d like to take individual classes, click here for more information.  


In the training, we focus on all aspects of the civic integration exam:


  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM, Kennis Nederlands Maatschappij)

You will practice writing texts and do listening exercises, and we will help you improve your comprehension. For the Verbal Dutch Test, you will learn as many contradictions and answers to simple questions as possible, similar those you will get in the exam.

Click here for the starting dates of the Inburgeringsexamen training course.


Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market
A new exam component was introduced on 1 January 2015: Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market (ONA). This module, which deals with work and looking for work in the Netherlands, is part of the Inburgeringsexamen as well as Staatsexamens I and II. You will make a portfolio based on the 8 results cards. You will send this portfolio to DUO. You will have a final oral exam about your portfolio.


Quality Mark
STE has the Blik op Werk quality mark. This certification indicates that a language institute meets the high quality requirements set by DUO. Course participants with a DUO loan or grant can only study at a language institute with the Blik op Werk quality mark. Course participants hear about STE through their personal network or are referred to our language institute by their company, municipality, or the Dutch Council for Refugees (Vluchtelingenwerk).

The average success rate of STE course participants taking the Staatsexamen exams is 82 per cent, while the national success rate is around 65 per cent.
Course participants have given STE’s exam training courses a score of 8,6.

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