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Language Assessments

A language assessment or language test is an ideal way to establish the language level of your employee or job applicant. STE Languages will draw up a final report based on the Common European Framework of Languages. However, our approach makes all the difference.


Assessing your language level

First we will discuss with you, our client, what you would like us to test or assess. After that, the employee or job applicant will do a written and an oral language test. Based on the test results, the language trainer will determine the level of language proficiency of your employee or job applicant. A clear report consisting of the test results and the advice of the language trainer will be drawn up. You as our client can then decide whether a follow-up language training course is needed. Your employee knows what to expect. And so do you.

Practical details

The language assessment covers all four language skills: speaking, writing, reading and listening. The test consists of a 45-minute oral exam and a written exam that takes 1 – 2 hours. Your knowledge of grammar will also be tested. The final advice will be expressed in terms of the Common European Framework of Languages.


Would you like to arrange a language assessment or language test at STE Languages? Give us a call to discuss the details. Phone 040 - 245 28 60 or alternatively, you can use the contact form.

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