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STE Languages is Official Partner of Holland Expat Center South


The initiative of Holland Expat Center South is to stimulate a fast and easy integration for expats in Brabant and Limburg by offering a combination of procedures, including the municipal registration and the acquirement of the residence permit from the Immigration and Naturalisation Services.


In order to assist expats upon arrival and during their first months in the Netherlands, a distinctive collaboration has been set up between Holland Expat Center South and private service providers. This Partnership Program redirects expats to reliable service providers in a wide variety of expat related sectors. STE Languages supports this goal and became an Official Partner of Holland Expat Center South from the beginning of the program.




STE Languages supports ‘Maximize your talent’ of GO4SLAM

Via GO4SLAM Tennis Academy Henk van Hulst offers talented athletes additional opportunities in their development process from the national to the global top. GO4SLAM encourages tennis players to make the most of their talents. Money is essential for talented players to be able to make that step towards the professional world of sports. Henk van Hulst: ‘Over the past few decades I have seen plenty of talented athletes who were not able to fully exploit their skills due to a lack of financial means.’ GO4SLAM would like to give tennis players what they need. For more information about this initiative click here.



STE Languages ​​supports entrepreneurial people living in developing countries.

In addition to providing language training, we like to think that we can make a difference within our community but are also committed to a better world. That is why we as a business ambassador support the work of Oxfam Novib.

Oxfam Novib is committed to people living in poverty in developing countries and work on the premise of helping people help themselves. This is about realising people's right to earn a secure sustainable living.

People living in poverty often cannot borrow from a bank. Thanks to Oxfam Novib's microfinance program, entrepreneurial people can have access to financial services and entrepreneurial training. This is an opportunity to build their own small businesses and an independent life outside of poverty. In this way, people are able to shape their own future and also that of their country. We at STE Languages very much support this, and not only financially. We believe in the power of learning and getting the best out of yourself.

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