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Individual courses

Are you going to work abroad? Do you need to give a presentation in a foreign language? Or would you like to learn a language for another specific purpose? STE Languages gives individual training courses aimed at your professional field. Your goal is our goal: creating added value and achieving the highest possible language proficiency for the communication skills you need. In any language.

Full attention

The unique selling point of our individual training courses is: individual attention, resulting in extremely effective language training. Flexibility is another key feature: the contents of the language training course depend entirely on what you as our client want and need to learn.


Would you like to spread out the language training course over a longer period of time? Then our flexible 30- or 40-hour language course is ideal for you. Depending on your requirements, you will have 2 hours of language training either once or twice a week. We will help you achieve your learning objectives in approximately four months. Or would you prefer a more intensive language training programme? Then you can study for 8 hours a day, including 4 hours with your language trainer, for one or two weeks. The training will take place either in one of our offices or at your workplace.


Online Classroom

Would you like to attend one of our training courses from the comfort of your own home? Are you often abroad for work? Our Online Classroom language training allows you to attend courses from any location and will always fit your schedule!



Please check the links below for more information about a selection of our individual courses:


Better Dutch: speaking at your own level (A1 + to C1)

Business Language Coaching

Practical details

First, STE Languages will determine your starting level based on an interview and a written test. You will then receive a tailored proposal based on the ‘intake’. Would you like to know more about our standard rates? Take a look here. If you would like to start immediately with your individual language course, we will accommodate you as quickly as possible. You can start whenever you like – whatever is most convenient for you.


Would you like more information about our individual language courses? Or would you like to register or enrol for a course now? It is entirely up to you: we look forward to discussing the details with you. Phone 040 - 245 28 60 or alternatively, you can use the contact form.

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