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Dutch at MBO level


Would you like to lay some good foundations for your Dutch language? Do you want to be able to have conversations in Dutch with colleagues and feel confident while doing so? Would you like to be able to independently fill in forms and read texts? Then sign up for our Dutch at MBO level course!
This course fits in well with a job or MBO-level studies. The curriculum is tailored to the personal learning goals of the students. Every course is packed with tips and advice that you can immediately apply into practice. The groups are small and the pace is moderate. Students learn from and with each other, so it's all about teamwork and that makes this course particularly effective. Do you perhaps work in shifts or work unsociable hours? If so, it is also possible to attend this course on Saturdays. View our complete range of courses here.

  • Duration: 15 x 2 hours of lessons per level (1 or 2 times a week)
  • Language levels: A1-, A1, A1 + and A2 (with the option of progressing to B1- and B1 STEXI)
  • Ideal preparation for the Civic Integration and NT2 I State Exams.
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