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e-Coaching: Professional, individual language support


Do you recognize yourself in any of the following situations?

  • You regularly write emails but you have doubts about the quality of what you have written and would really like to have it checked.
  • You are under pressure as an important report has to be sent out next week to team members in different countries but you’re not completely satisfied with it yet.
  • You have written a complaint to an international supplier. You want to have the content of your email about the complaint checked, as you’re not sure if the tone is correct and would like some feedback on this.
  • You will be giving a presentation in English next week and you want to discuss it with a language expert in terms of language, layout and structure. You also have questions about the pronunciation of certain words and your non-verbal communication.
  • You have attended training courses or workshops to refine your skills in a particular area, however, you still need a little more structural feedback.


We would be happy to help in setting you up with an e-Coach who can correct your work and provide you with feedback. Our e-Coaches are highly experienced trainers and native speakers.



Improving your goal: This could be a topic related to writing, speaking, reading, or listening skills. The goal that has been set can be achieved through gaining targeted feedback on your particular topic.


Target audience

Anyone who would like to perfect his or her texts, reports, letters, e-mails and / or presentations. e-Coaching is based on individual sessions and applies to Dutch, English, German and Spanish. It is also available for other languages ​​upon request.

e-Coaching can also be used as a follow-up proceeding a training course or workshop.


What does e-Coaching look like?

You will be paired up with your own e-Coach. You can arrange when you would like to have your coaching sessions directly with your e-Coach. As we like making a good match between students and e-Coaches, we like to know a little about you and your goals. After this, our e-Coach will contact you in order to agree upon your needs and requirements. Coaching can focus on business communication, such as emails, reports or presentations. Prior to the introductory meeting, we will ask you to send us a number of texts / emails etc. written by you, we will then draw up a short ‘error analysis’ that the e-Coach will discuss with you. All contact should be through your e-Coach.


Study duration

The duration of the coaching is 5 hours and consists of 5 sessions of 1 hour. Each e-Coaching session focuses on correction and feedback on any adjustments made. Feedback sessions take place via the Online Classroom or by telephone. Face-to-face e-Coaching is also possible.


Price: The price of our e-Coaching is € 500.00 excluding VAT. The intake is included in this price.


More information?

Would you like any more information on e-coaching? If so, please email us at or call us on 040 - 245 28 60. Alternatively, you can use the contactform.

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