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Dutch language coaching for the workfloor



Participants receive language support in Dutch, which is aimed at specific topics that play a role in the workplace (factory, office, distribution centre, engineering, etc.). Topics include reading (safety) instructions, giving instructions to colleagues, having short meetings, giving and receiving feedback, learning the difference between formal and informal language use.


Target audience

The target group is companies and organizations from a development and / or production environment that require good communication in Dutch on the workfloor due to the deployment of internationals and labour migrants. Good communication on the workfloor improves mutual co-operation and productivity and leads to a safer working environment.


What does Dutch language coaching for the workfloor look like?

Language coaching on the workfloor focuses on the development of language skills for Dutch at work. Certified trainers will provide individual and personal guidance on the workfloor. Students will be expected to supply their own materials for the course. During the course, participants will learn to use the correct language in various language situations on the workfloor. They will learn new work-related vocabulary that is directly applicable. Lessons are practical and valuable as they can be applied immediately.


Study duration

The duration of 'Dutch language coaching for the workfloor' is 8 hours in total and consists of 8 group-training sessions of 1 hour. Students should supply their own materials and homework assignments will be set in every lesson. The group-training course consists of a maximum of 4 students.


Price: The price of e-Coaching is € 500.00 excluding VAT. The intake is included in the price.


More information?

If you would like any more information on ‘Dutch language coaching for the workfloor', please email us at or call us on 040 - 245 28 60. Alternatively, you can use the contactform.

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