Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese Language training

Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language: each syllable is high, descending, ascending, or descending then ascending. This can be quite a challenge for Westerners. In order to learn to speak and understand Chinese, you will need to learn to think differently and remember things well. Learning Chinese means investing a lot of time but given the great importance of building relationships when doing business with China, it will also pay off. Many business conversations do not take place in the office but in a restaurant or during a "social event" and in those moments, you can make a great impression if you speak Chinese.

There are many ways to learn Chinese at STE Languages; from regular group courses to tailor-made individual training. We can help everyone who wants to learn Chinese. Check out here which type of course suits you best open enrolment or perhaps individual? 

What you can expect from our training courses

  • Competitively priced, click here for an overview
  • Clear and professional instruction by very experienced trainers
  • Theoretical and practical guidance with directly applicable feedback
  • Face-to-face lessons or with our advanced Online Classroom solution for distance learning
  • A short programme, small group sizes, fast results
  • Learn to speak a foreign language with ease and confidence both in your private and work environments
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  • Learn uncommon languages ​​such as Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic, Danish or Bengali

  • Stimulate your brain with a new language

  • Tailor-made language learning with a trainer


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