Online Classroom

Online Classroom

Students can easily attend courses remotely. That sounds ideal… and it is! If you cannot make it to your lesson at our STE Languages ​​location due to being away on business or abroad, you won’t have to miss any lessons and therefore you will be able to work on your language skills whenever and wherever you like. This solution can be applied to any individual or group course and is ideal for digital natives for whom the world is their office!


Flexible learning and application

Perhaps it isn’t feasible for you to attend language training every week. Or maybe you have to travel unexpectedly? Our STE Languages ​​Online Classroom means that you won’t have to miss any lessons. Consider, for example, continuing a Japanese language course after emigration, you could then immediately put your acquired knowledge into practice. Online Classroom means that you can have direct contact with a language trainer who speaks your own language and who knows the local culture like no other.


Online Classroom

Online Classroom is a very advanced system where a teleconferencing application is used which makes it possible to attend and give lessons interactively. The video connection offers HD quality and the system includes a whiteboard, chat function and the ability to share files. Once you successfully complete your training course you will receive a final evaluation and a certificate showing the European Framework of Reference level achieved.


Would you be interested in attending a fully digital programme via our STE Languages ​​Online Classroom? Or perhaps you would like to receive more information on all options? We would be happy to assist. Please call us on +31 (0)40 245 28 60 or use the contact form provided.


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These training courses are given by means of the STE Online Classroom. Students can attend classes from their work, from home or from any other preferred location. STE Languages Online Classroom uses a HD video- conferencing system that allows lessons to be taught and attended in real time and interactively. Books and course materials are provided in the first lesson. In order for us to determine students starting levels and personal development needs, each STE Languages training course will start with an individual intake interview.
All STE Languages services and products can be attended Face-to-Face and Online.
Prices depend on the chosen product. There is no price difference between face-to-face and Online.
Depending on the type of training course chosen, this will be completed by sitting a final test. After completion of the course students will receive either a Certificate or Proof of Participation.

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  • The convenience of being able to hold courses at your own location

  • A high quality medium due to an advanced video system

  • A digital whiteboard with many options for interaction

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