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Jenny Polishchuk, Mohammed Shibli , Khaled Sawas en Saurabh Jaiswal

‘We learn together as good neighbours’

STE Languages is like a mini universe. People come to us from all over the world and everyone has their own story to tell. Yet, they always have the same goal and that is to learn a foreign language! That of course creates a special bond, as Jenny Polishchuk (from Israel), Mohammed Shibli (from Palestine), Khaled Sawas (from Syria) and Saurabh Jaiswal from (India) all know. Read this impressive story on our news page.

Meike de Jong

'I've read many good stories about STE, and it was an instant match.'

News anchor Meike de Jong (1979) is mostly known for her television work. First for Brabant Nieuws, nowadays for RTL Nieuws. But that is only a part of her story. As presenter and moderator, she manages international conferences. With English as the main language, this leads to high demands on her language skills. Meike de Jong has been following individual language courses at STE Languages for a number of years now. "I've read many good stories about STE, and it was an instant match. There is a lot of flexibility and that was exactly what I was looking for".

Timo Baumgartl

'The first moment I benefited from the training was when I suddenly could follow a football meeting in Dutch.'

PSV football player Timo Baumgartl not only trains on the field, but also at STE Languages. He does this together with his girlfriend Julia Negassa and Kim Bestgen, the girlfriend of PSV goalkeeper Lars Unnerstall. The three of them work on their Dutch language skills. 'STE has a lot of experience with learning Dutch and has very good teachers.'

Rodolfo Castañon Juarez

Exchanged his homeland Mexico in for The Netherlands

"From the first moment it felt good. STE is more than just a school for me and the trainers are more than just teachers. They will help you with everything, even if it doesn't relates to the teaching material. My life in The Netherlands started here and I am grateful for that. It feels a bit like home."

Rasim Askin Dilan

Is working as a Mechatronics Design Engineer at ASML

"STE is very professional in what they are doing. They provide the correct tools and (so far I observed) the correct content for teaching the language. I’ve made quit an improvement in the last two levels. Besides my hard working, I think STE has also a share in that improvement."

Ayushi Yadav

Moved from India to Eindhoven. Learning Dutch was her first priority.

"A very good institute to learn Dutch. I highly recommend STE to everyone who comes to Holland and wants to learn the language. The staff at STE made me feel very welcome. Language plays a very important role and the whole process allowed me to feel more confident, more connected and more at home in the Netherlands."

Martine Peeten

My trainer goes the extra mile

"I made a lot of progress in the first 20 Italian lessons thanks to the specific teaching methods of the language trainer. She is very driven and often goes the extra mile which is why I would choose STE again – without a doubt – if I need a follow-up course in Italian. Not only the level of teaching skills but also the fact that I could immediately apply what I learnt were the best things about this course. That’s why I always recommend STE to my colleagues if they need language training courses". Martine Peeten, MDI Analyst, DAF PACCAR Parts Europe.

Brigitte Lammers

Language as part of your career plan

Brunel is an international, business service provider in project management, secondment and consultancy in fields like Engineering, IT, Finance, Legal and all other disciplines in the oil and gas industry. Often Brunel makes a personal career plan with their employees about education and skills training among other subjects. We have seen an increase in employees who want to learn the Dutch language. For this group of employees STE provides a big part of the language training of Brunel and in my experience people are extremely satisfied with the quality and flexibility of the courses.

Ranbir Sinha

"Speaking Dutch makes me feel at home"

"Hottentottententententoonstelling" is his favorite Dutch word and says a lot about his passion to learn the language. Ranbir Sinha (29) is now attending his fifth training course at STE Languages. He has also attended an integration course for expats. Here he explains his objectives: "I encourage myself to speak Dutch everywhere."

Mohammed Alkhateeb

Fled from Syria to Turkey in 2011. He came to the Netherlands in 2017.

'I was more than a student, I was helped as a person. I appreciate that they look at you as a person and that goes beyond just learning the language.'

Peggy van den Akker

Works as a HR Officer at Topic and wants employees to feel at home

"STE is an organisation that has the student's best interest at heart. It is not pure business: you can see that the teachers enjoy their work. That is important, because language training doesn't end when the students leave. Integration is important. Who feels at home in a foreign land, will eventually function better as well."

Maria Carrillo Luciani

“STE is a good school with a pleasant atmosphere. There you meet other people from overseas with whom you can exchange experiences. Together you learn, together you develop."

Maria Carrillo Luciani grew up in the Spanish language and taught herself English and Portuguese. So, she does have a feel for language, but she decided to enlist the help of STE Languages to learn Dutch. And that was an informed choice for Maria Carrillo Luciani: “First consider why you are following a language course.”

Pouriya Jalalipour

"I would like to compete in archery for the Netherlands"

Pouriya Jalalipour (32) played professional basketball until he ended up in a wheelchair, following a motorcycle accident. He adapted and switched to archery. He was also successful in that discipline, and was a member of the Iranian National Archery Team that finished fourth at the 2019 World Championships in Den Bosch. It was a turning point in his life, because he decided to stay in the Netherlands and build a life here.

Katie Johnson

Works as Head of Controlling, Purchasing, and Logistics at Bosch Energy and Building Solutions

"My teacher always managed to challenge me and keep me interested. In the training sessions that followed, what I found interesting was always taken into account within the learning process. Trainers look beyond just the course material and we often just had chats about everyday situations or about a podcast that we had listened to beforehand."

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