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Have you accepted a new job abroad? Or maybe you have to give a presentation in a foreign language? Do you perhaps want to learn a language for a different or specific purpose? STE Languages ​​provides individual language training focused on your developmental needs. This type of course allows you to work with your own language trainer on achieving the highest possible language level for the skills that you find important, in any language!


A specific characteristic of our individual training courses is personal attention. This makes this type of course extremely effective and flexibility also plays a major role.

The content and the approach of the training course depends on the wishes of the client or student. For those who have the time, our extended language courses consisting of 30 to 40 teaching hours offer a solution. We will plan the course with your wishes and objectives in mind. Courses are mainly planned in two-hour slots, once or possibly twice a week and in approximately four months you will be able to fulfill your learning needs. Perhaps you would prefer to attend an intensive course instead? If so, you can opt for our Langauge Coaching (16 hours) or our e-Coaching (5 hours). These types of courses can be completed in a limited amount of weeks at STE Languages ​​or at your desired location.


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If you prefer to learn a new language together with others, it’s also possible to follow group training courses at STE. During a group training course at STE you will learn a new language with a maximum of 9 other students.


What you can expect from our training courses

  • Competitively priced, click here for an overview
  • Practical speaking, listening, writing and reading skills exercises
  • Clear and professional guidance by a highly experienced language trainer
  • A tailor-made course: discussions on topics that interest you and exercises based on your own language level
  • Learn to speak with greater ease and confidence both in your private and work environments
  • Face-to-face lessons or with our advanced Online Classroom solution for distance learning
These training courses are given at STE Languages or at the client's location. STE Languages has 16 well-equipped classrooms at its location in Eindhoven. Lessons are Face-to-Face or Online. In unforeseen circumstances, a Face-to-Face lesson can be attended via our Online Classroom. Books and course materials are provided in the first lesson. Students must take into account that 2-4 hours of homework per lesson is necessary to complete the course. In order for us to determine students starting levels and personal learning goals, each STE Languages training course will start with an individual intake interview.
These courses take the form of general or specific language training in which all skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing) are dealt with. Personal development goals form the basis of this course and the program is tailor-made. The aim of the course is for students to achieve higher language skills and/or to deepen their knowledge of a specific language area. In order to achieve a level increase, the duration of the course is generally 30 hours. Individual training sessions can be shorter or longer, depending on the student's personal goals. Intensive courses are also an option. Students can determine the frequency of their lessons in consultation with STE Languages.
The training course price is €100.00 per hour for an individual course. Intake costs are €46.50 and books / course materials are approximately €110.00.
After completion of the course students will receive a certificate with the level achieved.

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  • Language training that responds to your personal goals

  • Maximum learning efficiency through personal attention

  • Flexible courses which can be planned according to your own needs

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