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In-company training courses

Are you about to do business in Germany? Perhaps you would like to be able to give a presentation in French, or learn to write emails using the right style and impact in English? In short, would you like to communicate correctly with international contacts? STE Languages training courses can open doors to new markets and opportunities for you!


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STE Languages ​​provides in-company language training courses for groups of employees. These courses are always subject-oriented and tailor-made. In this way, we are able to fulfill the specific needs of our clients. For example, employees can learn to communicate in the same language and therefore can then work together. In-company training is also widely used to help internationals master Dutch.

First we determine the starting level of the student by means of an intake interview. Our skilled language trainers then map out the objectives and draw up a clear course curriculum. A specific proposal is then presented on the basis of these exchanges. Prices depend on the size of the group, for example a group of 10 persons and 30 hours of training would cost € 800,00 all-in per person. Would you like to know more about our standard rates? See the overview here.


Practical information

All of our in-company training courses are completely customized to our clients requirements. It is possible to bring in your own cases and documents into class and the organisation’s internal company language is of course taken into account. This is very useful as it allows students to put their acquired insights directly into practice. We offer training courses for all languages, either at your location or at STE Languages ​​.


Online Classroom

Are your employees often abroad for work? That’s no problem! Our Online Classroom is accessible globally via the internet. This way students can log in on the same day and time of their lesson and therefore won’t need to miss any classes.


If you would like more information on our company training courses, please send us an e-mail or use the contact form provided. You can also call us on: +31 (0)40 245 28 60.


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These training courses are given at the client’s location. In unforeseen circumstances, a Face-to-Face lesson can be attended via our Online Classroom. Books and course materials are provided in the first lesson. Students must take into account that 2-4 hours of homework per lesson is necessary to complete the course. In order for us to determine the student’s starting levels and personal learning goals, each STE Languages training course will start with an individual intake interview.
We map out your goals and draw up a clear curriculum for the required language skills. Clients receive a specific proposal based on the intake interview. All our In-company training courses are completely tailor-made. Specific professional language and terminology will be discussed, should this apply to your industry. The advantage of an in-company training course is that it can be applied directly into practice and as these courses are organised at the client’s location, the time spent on learning is very efficiently used. The duration and frequency of the training course is tailored to your organisation's requirements.
Prices depend on the number of participants and may include development costs. Intake costs are €46.50 and books / course materials are approximately €110.00.
After completion of the course students will receive a certificate with the level achieved.

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  • Tailor-made training

  • Homogeneous groups mean a faster and more effective way of working

  • Enhances effective collaboration and communication between employees

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