10e CEDEO Keurmerk

10th Cedeo quality mark for STE Languages

19 december 2019

In a landscape of more than 8,500 private educational institutions, it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees. A Cedeo quality mark helps, because quality has been independently proven. STE Languages ​​may carry the quality mark for the period 2020-2021, followed by a new inspection.


The Cedeo report gives the floor to both students and external clients. One of the clients states: 'Both the organization and the quality of the lessons and the clarity about what you get for your money appeal to me. What I also find valuable is that they test participants fairly rigorously before providing proof that the intended language level has been reached. This way our employees will not have any problems if they move on to a subsequent level.'

Practical organization

Cedeo is also positive about the preconditions: 'The practical collaboration is going well, without costing the client extra time. Some referees indicate that STE has been extra helpful, for example in arranging a subsidy application for the training and / or in registering participants for an external exam. They also believe that STE can be easily reached by telephone and e-mail and within an appropriate period of time and responds in an appropriate manner to questions and requests.


Cedeo says the following about the quality of the training courses: "Important core qualities of the trainers are language background, experience within the business world and demonstrable didactic qualities." Reference is also rightly made to the 'affinity with different cultures', because that is what trainers need to be successful in such an international field.

Added value

In summary, Cedeo judges as follows: 'The vast majority of participants are positive about their training at STE.' The business orientation is striking: 'A clear link in the implementation to the personal intake of the student ensures that the participant can immediately apply what has been learned in practice. The focus is explicitly on the specific need, such as speaking, writing and / or listening skills.'

Final verdict

The icing on the cake is the final score for customer satisfaction, because it is 100%! We are proud to reflect on this milestone and then take on new challenges full of energy. To be continued in two years.