Online classroom succes

Online Classroom STE Languages ​​great success - grateful for everyone's commitment and understanding!

12 march 2020

STE Languages ​​has recently started using Online Classrooms for all class locations. With this we respond to the current situation surrounding the corona virus. Students can take the lessons at home or at another desired location. These Online Classrooms are used for all group training (open registrations) and individual training. The online solution is a very advanced system and makes it possible to follow and teach interactive lessons. The first reactions from both our students and our trainers are very positive.

The Online Classroom is now a standard part of our group training and individual training. The classroom form of teaching remains the starting point, but if you are on a business trip or are unable to take a class due to unforeseen circumstances, you can use the Online Classroom. This way you can follow the lesson at the same time and day and you don't have to miss anything.

Our open registrations will start again from April. Would you like to register or would you like to receive more information about our offer? Contact us via or via telephone number +31 (0)40 - 245 28 60.

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