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STE Languages goes China

5 july 2022

China is a very important trading country and is, therefore, one of the Netherlands’ largest trading partners. Many Dutch companies do business with China and wish to build solid commercial contacts with Chinese partners. STE Languages is happy to help you further develop your trade relationships.

STE Languages has recently started offering individual and group Chinese lessons. Our teacher, Kitty Miao, was born in China and has been teaching for over 20 years. She obtained her teaching qualification at Fontys Hogescholen. Kitty thinks it is important that students can independently introduce themselves in Chinese and engage in basic dialogue with their business partners. Chinese is a tonal language and a lot of focus is given to this in the programme, in addition to grammar and sentence structure. Culture and manners are also part of the lesson content.

Kitty thinks the buzz words “just do it” are a good saying. She recognises parallels between the Netherlands and China, and sees the Netherlands as a kind of “China in Europe”. By this she means that both countries are pragmatic and straight to the point. Kitty enjoys living in the Netherlands, but misses Chinese food. The big difference between China and the Netherlands is that the Dutch often want to do business directly, while in China more value is attached to long-term relationships.

Would you like to know more about our Chinese language and culture courses? Mail to or call 040 245 28 60 for more information.