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STE Languages has partnered with Huis naar Werk

20 april 2022

STE Languages ​​has partnered with "Huis naar Werk". "Huis naar Werk" is an initiative from the Einghoven Municipality, SBB, UWV, trade unions and employers' organizations to offer targeted help for everyone - employer and employee - who is looking for work or personnel. The reason for this initiative is the fragmented labour market that has developed over the years. "Huis naar Werk" intends to change this. In this way a "home" is created for entrepreneurs who are looking for workers and for people who are looking for employment and who have questions about work, training and development.


STE Languages ​​has committed itself to this great initiative. In concrete terms, this means that job seekers who need language skills training can turn to STE Languages. Mathilde Lageman, STE Director: “We would like to commit ourselves to the talent in the Brainport Region and help facilitate progression to suitable positions. Language is an essential part of the skills needed to qualify for the position you want to hold.” If you want to know more about "Huis naar Werk", visit or send an email to Chabelli van den Nieuwenhoff, or