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Syncreon invests in Dutch language training for its foreign employees

28 september 2022

Syncreon is an international logistics organization with more than 15,000 employees in more than 100 locations worldwide. Syncreon also has several warehouses in the Netherlands. For the Amsterdam location, the company will provide Dutch language training for all employees who do not speak Dutch. The lessons wil be given by STE Languages.

The aim of the language training is to develop the skills of speaking, listening, writing and reading up to language level B1. Achieving language level B1 provides opportunities to access an MBO course. The language training courses have a practical character and focus on the work situation as much as possible. Good command of the Dutch language leads to better communication, more effective collaboration and a more pleasant working environment.

Sander van Egmond, Site Director Syncreon Amsterdam: “People of about 60 different nationalities work at Syncreon Amsterdam, speaking English is the common denominator. By providing Dutch lessons, we want to further connect these people and cultures and stimulate people in their development. This makes jobs and positions available to people, for example, in which the ability to speak and read Dutch is required.”