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English is by far the most widely used language in the world; the “lingua franca” of international trade and commerce. Consequently, you are likely to be expected to speak and write English, especially in business. Most people can speak English, but do you want to be really convincing during negotiations and get the message across correctly? With an English language course, you give that proficiency a boost.

Take a business English course when it suits you

You can take a business English course whenever it suits you. You can plan sessions 1, 2, 3 or 4-times a week. Our language trainers can teach you to speak English more fluently in a group or in a tailor-made individual course. You can take an English course online or in person. Are you a business owner? Then we can also provide In-company group training at your location. You can coordinate your plans for English lessons at your workplace together with us. 

Our range of English courses

At STE Languages you can take various English courses. From a course for beginners to a course for advanced people. Here's how you can register for:

  • English A1-
  • English A1
  • English A1+
  • English A2
  • English A2+
  • English B1-
  • English B1
  • English B1+
  • English B2
  • English C1
  • English C2
  • Business English Course 
  • E-coaching English 
  • Individual English Language Boost

What can you expect from an English course at STE Languages?

  • Competitively priced rates, click here for an overview.
  • Practical exercises in speaking, listening, writing, or reading skills.
  • Clear and professional guidance from a highly experienced language trainer.
  • Tailor-made: conversations about topics that interest you and exercises at your own language level.
  • Learning to speak more easily and confidently both professionally and privately.
  • Online English language classes through our advanced Online Classroom.

Register for an English course

Through an Open Enrollment you can participate in an English language course in a group. Open Registrations are all training courses that have a fixed start date. These group courses vary in duration from 16 hours to 30 hours. The group size varies from 5 to a maximum of 10 students. The course usually takes place once a week at our location in Eindhoven. The course concludes with a final test. Afterwards you will receive a personal evaluation and a certificate.

In addition to group training courses, you can also register for an online English course or tailor-made individual training. We also offer In-company training courses for companies. You can take an English language course from €755.00 including intake and bespoke teaching materials.

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  • English is the most influential language in the world

  • Proficiency in English is an important commodity in business-life

  • Improvement of proficiency in negotiating, meeting and presenting

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