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More than 200 million people from five continents speak French. It is therefore a great advantage in business if you can have a good command of the French language. French is the official language within the UN, the EU, UNESCO, NATO, the Red Cross and the International Olympic Committee. After English and German, it is the third language on the internet. France is one of the most important trading partners for the Netherlands and there are many French multinationals than can be found worldwide. In short, French is a world language in every way!

The French prefer to do everything their own way. That starts with the language. The French prefer to speak French, particularly within an international environment. The French really take the time to get to know you and are interested in building long-term relationships. Even during business meetings, chats on subjects such as the weather or football are conducted before any hard deals are closed! Knowledge of the language is therefore very important. A French language course can help build networks and collaborations. Furthermore, learning French can be useful when learning other Roman languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or Romanian. It can even help when learning English, as 50% of the current English vocabulary originates from the French language.

There are many ways to learn French at STE Languages; from regular group courses to tailor-made individual training. We can help everyone who wants to learn French. Click here to find the right French course to start with. For more detailed and specific information on our courses please go to this document.

What you can expect from our training courses

  • Competitively priced, click here for an overview
  • Clear and professional instruction by very experienced trainers
  • Theoretical and practical guidance with directly applicable feedback
  • Face-to-face lessons or with our advanced Online Classroom solution for distance learning
  • A short programme, small group sizes, fast results
  • Learn to speak a foreign language with ease and confidence both in your private and work environments
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  • French is an important language within the European Union

  • Indispensable for doing business with France, Belgium and African countries

  • Learning together with your colleagues or on your own

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