German language training

The German language is actually related to Dutch, as they belong to the same language family. Many Dutch people who studied German at school think they can manage using the language well. That is the case to a certain extent, however, should conversations become more complex, more advanced use of the language will be needed. A German language course will help build vocabulary, understand the principles of grammar and use the cases correctly. Cultural awareness also plays a role within this training course. Although Germany and the Netherlands are neighbours, there are considerable differences in, for example, hierarchy and manners. More language and knowledge culture often means more conviction and that is what you really need in business conversations when using the German language.

Level increase for German

You can take part in one of our group language courses through Open Enrolment. The courses are given in small groups of up to nine participants, where everyone has the same starting level. Level increase courses at STE Languages is ideal for learning a language in stages. In these courses the emphasis is on general business language. You work progressively towards a higher level and complete the course with a test. Once you pass the test you can take part in a course at a higher language level.

The Level increase for German can be attended once a week. Starting dates are in January, April, June, September and November. You can view all our scheduled Open Enrolments here.

Language Boost German: short grammar refresher

Do you already speak German reasonably well but feel you need to work on the  structure a bit more and would like to make fewer mistakes? Did you find grammar boring at school and now perhaps experience a barrier when trying to speak German? Do you want to finally understand the difficult grammar rules and cases? Then this short "refresher" training course would be an excellent opportunity. Are you interested? Then enrol quickly on our "Langauge Boost German: short grammar refresher’’ language course!

Would you like to work on or acquire a specific skill within a short time frame? In addition to our 'Language Boost' German, boost your language skills for English, Spanish or Dutch. Please see our range of courses below.

Langauage Clinic German

Would you like to learn to speak better German in a short time frame? Have you mastered the language in general but feel that you are still often searching for the right words? Then increase your speaking skills with a Language Clinic. In just 8 weeks you will be able to improve your language skills and language confidence.

Regular language training courses focus on speaking, listening, reading and writing. In a Language Clinic the emphasis is on speaking skills and fluency and that is exactly what can make the difference in daily practice. Our trainers are native speakers who can help you to really understand a language. Learn to listen better and speak more fluently, so that you can start every conversation with confidence. Interested in a language training? See which course is best suited for you in our overview of courses.

Language coaching Business

The Dutch often already have a good command of foreign languages, such as English, German or French, but when it comes to speaking or writing in more complex situations, it becomes more difficult. As a Dutch person, do you want to impress your foreign trade partners? Then get to know our offer "Language Coaching Business" in German. This course focuses on the specific wishes of the participant. Is it about presenting, reporting, calling, negotiating, handling complaints, chairing or 'social talk'? Your trainer is always a native speaker, together with him or her you set up a personal coaching trajectory to realize your goals. Individual language training "Language coaching Business" is also available for other languages. Enrol via an intake for our e-Coaching course.

e-Coaching: Professional, individual language support

You have taken training or a workshop to refine your skills in a particular area. Still, you need some more structural feedback. Then get to know our individual language training "e-Coaching" for German. The objective of this language training is to improve your objective: this can be a subject that has to do with writing, speaking, reading or listening skills. The goal that has been set is achieved by the targeted feedback on your topic. Individual language training "e-Coaching" is also available for other languages. Enrol via an intake for our e-Coaching course.

What you can expect from our training courses

  • Competitively priced, click here for an overview
  • Clear and professional instruction by very experienced trainers
  • Theoretical and practical guidance on how to come across better by using the proper structure of the German language
  • Learn to use the German language in a work environment with greater ease and confidence
  • Learn to avoid typical Dutch mistakes
  • Write short, work-related texts
  • Advanced Online Classroom
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  • Germany is a very important trading partner for the Netherlands

  • German is the most widely spoken language in the European Union

  • Successful business in Germany is not possible without speaking the German language

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