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Training course: Nederlands voor Vergevorderden Deel II
Date: 10-09-2019 - 17-12-2019
Time: 17:15 - 19:15
Course day: Tuesday
Location: Sandton
Goals: During the course, a lot of time will be spent on productive skills such as speaking and writing (supported by reading and listening), and on applied grammar. Fluency will be practiced by way of conversations and discussions on current affairs topics.

Writing skills will be developed through the completion of set assignments that will then be corrected by the trainer and attention will also be paid to solving common language problems. A number of grammar principles that even experienced NT2 learners still find challenging will be reviewed once again.
Contents: The following topics will be covered:

Philosophy and Ethics, Psychology, Law, People and Technology. The key study topics are: paraphrasing, negotiating, registers (formal / informal language use), describing statistical figures and drawing up reports. Key grammatical points covered: passives, multiple-verb constructions, modal particles, separable verbs and the use of 'will' and 'would'.
Starting Level: A minimum level of Dutch at B2- level. Students are required to have a HBO degree/appropriate academic and intellectual ability.
Course Materials: We will work with the book 'Nederlands naar perfectie'. This book provides an opportunity to expand vocabulary through a variety of reading and multimedia exercises.
Duration: 30 hrs, 15 sessions of 2 hrs each
Course Fee: 643.00 excl. VAT (Books not included.)
Intake: 40.00 excl. VAT.
Private individuals are VAT exempt.
Remarks: At the end of the course there will be no final test. However, the student receives, if sufficiently present during the course, a proof of participation.

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