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25 March 2021

"Speaking Dutch makes me feel at home"

"Hottentottententententoonstelling" is his favorite Dutch word and says a lot about his passion to learn the language. Ranbir Sinha (29) is now attending his fifth training course at STE Languages. He has also attended an integration course for expats. Here he explains his objectives: "I encourage myself to speak Dutch everywhere."


25 February 2021

Doing successful business abroad is impossible without a good command of the language

Would you like to do business abroad? Or you would like to make new business contacts and strengthen your relationships with existing customers? The current 'online age' that we are now living in and the language in which we communicate with our international business partners has a significant bearing on the discussions we have with clients and contacts and therefore, also impacts on how successful we are.


STE Languages has developed a number of targeted training courses in collaboration with NLinBusiness – a VNO-NCW, MKB-Nederland, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Affairs initiative.


22 February 2021

Newsletter February 2021

18 February 2021

‘You really get to know a country, once you speak its language’

Katie Johnson is a true international. Hailing from Minnesota, she has made a career in Germany for the past five years and found a new challenge at Bosch Energy and Building Solutions in mid-2020. Since then she has lived in the Netherlands and is building a life here. This also includes speaking the language.


29 December 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dear client, last year we were able to wish each other a carefree Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, this year however, more thought has gone into our annual Christmas and New Year's wishes. 2020 has almost come to an end and we look back at this year as an intense and emotional year for people, whether within business, or privately. Hopefully, we can look forward to a better year to come, albeit with some uncertainty but we hold on to faith and positive energy for 2021. 

We would like to thank you very much for the mutual trust and cooperation in 2020 and we trust that our relationship will continue in 2021. We look forward to helping you improve your language skills again next year and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a positive and healthy New Year. 

The STE Languages team 


29 December 2020

Would you like to make your language dreams come true in 2021?

Our Open Enrolments will be starting again as from 13 January 2021. These courses allow you to attend language training in group sizes of a maximum of 9 students, either online or face-to-face and aim to increase the Dutch, English or German language levels of participants. Currently more than 450 students have registered for the January Open Enrolments. Would you also like to learn a language and have the time to attend a training course in the New Year, either face-to-face or online? If so, you can either view our range of courses on, email us at or call us on 040 245 28 60.


You will find more information in our newsletter.

10 December 2020

"At STE you are seen as a person"

In 2011 Mohammed Alkhateeb (24) fled from Syria to Turkey. The violence of war forced him to start a new life there but in the end he could not stay. In 2017, he came to the Netherlands and took his dream of becoming a general practitioner with him. In order to start realising that dream, he had to learn the language first.


20 November 2020

Knowledge of the Dutch language will help successful integration within Dutch workplaces.

Mick van der Vossen (23) is a student at Utrecht University. Mick wrote a thesis for his Human Geography & Planning studies about Indian expats in the Netherlands. His interest in this subject arose because he had noticed that the number of (Indian) expats is growing rapidly. He conducted 22 in-depth interviews for his research, 13 of which were with highly skilled migrants from India, who work within various positions for large companies in the Netherlands. In his Blog Mick writes about how knowledge of the Dutch language contributes to the successful integration of Indian expats in the workplace.

19 November 2020

‘We learn together as good neighbours’

STE Languages is like a mini universe. People come to us from all over the world and everyone has their own story to tell. Yet, they always have the same goal and that is to learn a foreign language! That of course creates a special bond, as Jenny (from Israel), Mohammed Shibli (from Palestine), Khaled Sawas (from Syria) and Saurabh Jaiswal from (India) all know.

16 November 2020

Short, intensive training courses

Did you know that STE Languages can also provide short, intensive training courses in various foreign languages? Ed Veelenturf from Vespo B.V. attended an individual intensive Portuguese training course given by Elsa de Kok - Patricio de Barros. During the course a delicious lunch was served by Emidio Oliveira from the Lugar restaurant in Waalre.

9 November 2020

STE Languages is a Partner of Archipel Academy

STE Languages has become a Partner of Archipel Academy. Archipel is a label and platform of training organisation Schouten & Nelissen, where learning and development is made accessible to companies and firms. Archipel Academy organises training for large organizations and HRM Managers, so that companies can avoid the stresses and strains of having to arrange all their own training courses. Archipel Academy offers their own independent online learning platform and an up-to-date range of training courses for the growth and development of people.

9 November 2020

STE Languages part of Explore the City

STE Languages is part of the Corporate Housing Solutions Explore the City program. The program allows internationals and expats to find attractive offers from local entrepreneurs so that they can discover everything that Eindhoven and the surrounding area has to offer. Would you like to know which restaurants, sports clubs, service providers and other local partners are participating in the program? Check it out here!

26 October 2020

October Open Enrolments


14 October 2020

"You don't have to do it perfectly"

Newsreader Meike de Jong (1979) is best known for her television work, initially for Brabant Nieuws, and nowadays for RTL Nieuws. Yet that is only part of the story. As a presenter and chairperson, she ensures the proper management of international conferences. With English being the language of instruction, this places high demands on her language skills. This is where an STE language trainer could help.


24 September 2020

STE Languages signs a collaboration agreement with the SALTO school foundation

SALTO and STE Languages have entered into a partnership whereby STE will provide English training courses for the SALTO schools teachers. The language courses are aimed at raising language levels and workshops will be given on topics such as "parent-teacher meetings in English". English is becoming increasingly important in primary education due to the internationalization of Eindhoven and the surrounding area (Brainport Eindhoven Region). The collaboration also includes an exploration of the provision of Dutch (NT2) language training and language sessions for parents at the international locations RISE and I-Start, which fall under SALTO.



16 September 2020

Collaboration with David Lloyd Club Eindhoven

14 September 2020

''The students see the training course as a social event"

Tailor-made courses are a given at STE Languages. Trainers constantly assess students in order to help them progress and this also allows trainers to attend to students needs during their course. If students require a different type of course to what is currently being offered however, then perhaps it's time for something new. This was the idea that led to the "Dutch at MBO level" training course which was specially developed for a specific target group. The following chat with language trainer Eelko Stel explains more.

31 August 2020

More than 470 Open Enrollments for September


13 August 2020

‘The mind should always be free to learn new things’

Aayushi Yadav (28) moved from India to Eindhoven in June 2019. Learning Dutch was her first priority. She took a big step by enrolling on an intensive Dutch language training course. Now she is ready for more and is eager to learn: ‘Never underestimate the impact of language.’ 


23 July 2020

Newsletter July 2020

Curious about the latest developments at STE Languages? Read our latest newsletter here.



16 July 2020

STE Languages is entering into a 5-year partnership agreement with SkillsTown

STE Languages has signed a 5-year collaboration agreement with online trainer SkillsTown. Both parties will collaborate in the field of co-creation, whereby mutual knowledge and expertise will be used to jointly create online learning solutions for specific target groups. The common goal is to emphasize the importance of language and communication within online courses and to contribute to the personal and professional development of clients and customers. In addition, STE will use the SkillsTown platform to set up its own Academy for its employees and customers.


20 May 2020

1 June Opening

These have been challenging times for us all at STE Languages. Fortunately, we were able to convert our training courses from face-to-face lessons to online lessons in a very short time frame. From what we can see from our student evaluations and responses from our clientele, people are very happy with our online training courses and our lessons have now even gone "global"; students have joined us from places such as Dublin, all the way through to Peru and South Africa!

Therefore, our Online Classrooms will certainly be remaining as a "stand alone" product. STE Languages will be going back to its face-to-face lessons for both its group training courses and one-to-one training courses, as soon as it is possible and will start to open its doors again in phases, as of next month.

20 May 2020

Summer School

No current plans for this summer? Maybe you’d like a great opportunity to work with language and meet new people within an international environment? The STE Summer School can help you achieve a level increase in just 5 weeks. This training course with a maximum of 5 students, consists of 30 lessons and will be held 3 times per week. Lessons will be 2 hours long and take place face-to-face at our pleasant and sunny location at Aalsterweg 3 in Eindhoven.



20 May 2020

Better Dutch: speaking at your own level (A1 + to C1)

Would you like to speak better Dutch? Do you not have many people with whom you can practise using your Dutch? Would you like the opportunity to practice using your speaking skills more? Then enrol on our "Speaking at your own level" individual training course!

20 May 2020

Better Dutch - Telephoning and Emails

Would you like to learn how to make telephone calls using correct Dutch, or learn how to write better using the language? Perhaps you are not very satisfied with the way you currently write your emails? In that case, enrol on our interactive "Speaking and Writing in Dutch for Telephone and Emails’’ short training course!

20 April 2020

Measures corona virus DUO

As you have noticed already the measures taken against the corona virus have impact on DUO and its services. This also applies to Inburgeren and the state exams.


3 April 2020

Business English for the workplace

Would you like to communicate more confidently with international colleagues and clients in the world’s leading business language? Would you like to professionalize your CV or improve your LinkedIn profile. Or perhaps to write better emails and give more powerful Presentations? Discover our interactive ‘Business English for the Workplace’ Online Programme.


Whether you are looking to secure your ideal job or to gain a promotion, or simply want to be more productive at work, our skilled trainers will guide you on your way.

31 March 2020

Holland Expat Center South post on LinkedIn

Source: LinkedIn


STE Languages uses Online Classroom, which allows students to attend lessons from home or from any other desired location. Their open enrolments will be starting again as of this April. If you would you like to enrol or receive more information, contact STE at or on 040-245 2860.
STE Languages is an Official Partner of Holland Expat Center South.

31 March 2020

New at STE Languages: Online Classroom

Due to the situation surrounding the Coronavirus, many people are now working from home and are finding that they have more time available to spend on other things. Why not use this extra time efficiently and think about attending a short online (intensive) language training course at STE Languages! Would you like to improve your speaking skills? Or perhaps a grammar boost in a foreign language could help you? We offer all types of training courses, whether it be intensive or extended, at all levels and in different languages.

26 March 2020

STE Languages Online Classroom a great success – we are very grateful for everyone's commitment and understanding!

STE Languages has recently started using Online Classroom. Online Classroom can be used as a solution to the current situation surrounding the coronavirus. Students can attend lessons from home or from any other desired location. Online Classroom has been used for all group training courses (open enrolments) and also for individual training courses. Our Online Classroom makes it possible to attend and give lessons interactively. The initial reactions from both our students and trainers have been very positive.


27 February 2020

New management STE Languages

We are pleased to announce a change in the ownership structure of STE Languages. From 5 March 2020, Willem van der Velden will step down as director and the ownership of the company will be transferred to Mathilde Lageman and Wilfried Gradus. Having worked at STE since 2002 Mathilde Lageman has been co-owner and director of STE Languages since 2015. Originating from Philips Talenonderwijs, Studiecentrum Talen Eindhoven (STE) was founded in 1995. The ownership of STE was transferred to Willem van der Velden in 2005 who has successfully managed the company with Mathilde Lageman for many years.

10 October 2019

New Teaching location: Mikrocentrum Veldhoven

In order to meet the high demand of our Dutch Open Enrolments, we will be offering an additional teaching location at the Mikrocentrum in Veldhoven as of October 2019. We are very happy to be able to offer this new and great location.

16 September 2019

Language clinics for Dutch, English and German

Would you like to learn to speak better Dutch, English or German within a short time period? Do you feel that you are quite familiar with the language but that you sometimes just cannot find the right words? Then our language clinics are perfect to help you increase your speaking skills and vocabulary knowledge. In only 8 weeks you will be on your way to better language proficiency and more language confidence.

28 March 2019

‘I want to communicate with my Dutch colleagues in their own language’

Rasim Askin Dilan works as a Mechatronics Design Engineer at ASML (detached by YACHT B.V.). He is studying Dutch both for work and to build up his personal life: ‘I want to integrate and be a part of this new cultural environment.’

16 August 2018

'Dare to make mistakes'

Lars Sanders (27) works as Marketing Programs Account Manager at DAF Trucks. He gives presentations in German for his work. In order to strengthen his language skills he attended an individual German course.

13 August 2018

´It’s nice to know what’s going on’

Avanti Wadugodapitiya works in Maastricht, lives in Eindhoven and volunteers in Amsterdam. She knows her way around in the Netherlands and is learning Dutch at a quick pace.

20 December 2017

Learn Dutch at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven


New group courses by STE Languages from January 2018


In 2017 as many as 1,100 expats took Dutch lessons at STE. To make it even easier to learn Dutch STE is now offering group training courses at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.


30 October 2017

‘Doing your homework is essential. And having fun!’

Advising German companies when they are entering the Dutch market. That’s what insurance consultant Rob van Leeuwen (44) does. This requires professional communication skills in German including insurance terminology. To thoroughly  improve his German, he is taking an individual language course at STE.


23 October 2017

‘Try reading a children’s book!’

Julien Borromini (29) has lived in the Netherlands since 2014. He moved from France to the Netherlands to be with his boyfriend.  So the language of love is not the problem, but the language of his new country is a challenge. This is why he is working on his Dutch language skills at STE.


30 May 2017

Aalsterweg 3: the new premises of STE Languages

A meeting place for different cultures. An interior design to connect people. The language institute in the southern part of the Netherlands would like their interior design to reflect its professional and result-oriented nature as well as being open and welcoming. STE Languages is a society in a nutshell. Course participants need to feel at ease and welcome, and – above all – proud of their background. Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe created an interior design for the new premises of STE Languages that softens boundaries and offers plenty of space for everyone’s own unique background and story. This a meeting place where language connects us.  


24 October 2016

German lessons in the Virtual Classroom


He works for BIB (Dreumex) in Roermond, the Netherlands. Over half of his clients and suppliers are German. Product manager Ton Lagarde would like to speak German too, and decides to take German lessons at STE Languages. “We were able to communicate in English, but I can tell that my clients appreciate it when they can speak German to me.” He opted for the Virtual Classroom because of the travelling distance.

23 September 2016

Dutch television programmes with helpful subtitles for newcomers

There is a new television channel for everyone who has just arrived in the Netherlands. It’s an initiative of the Dutch public broadcasting corporation. On the website you can find a wide range of Dutch television programmes with Dutch, English and Arabic subtitles. STE is very pleased with this initiative and would like all its course participants to make the most of it. Watching Dutch television will certainly contribute to your learning process. 


18 August 2016

A change in our programme of Dutch language courses

STE is introducing a new and improved programme for open enrolment Dutch language courses for groups. A new level of B1- for group courses will be added. This additional level of B1- will help course participants to make a better transition from level A2+ to B1. Another new aspect of the programme is the two-tier system after completing level A2: 


  • B1- towards STEX I, B1 towards STEX I (STEX I stands for Staatsexamen I, at Dutch secondary vocational education level middelbaar beroepsonderwijs mbo) 
  • B1-, B1, B1+, B2 optionally followed by exam training for Staatsexamen II at Dutch higher education level hoger beroepsonderwijs hbo/university). 

21 June 2016

Apply for a subsidy for your employees

There are several different tax arrangements and subsidies in the Netherlands which promote study and further training.

4 May 2016

In-company language courses make expats feel extra welcome

Altran consultants are taking an in-company language course


Initially, the expats who started working for Altran could manage fine with their English language skills. After all, the majority of the international employees did not speak any Dutch. But when Altran merged with Nspyre and TASS in 2015, language skills did become an issue. 

25 March 2016

Meeting the King of Sweden

A unique experience for Rob Bogaarts of Dutch housing assocation Woonbedrijf.


He did not learn to speak Swedish for this meeting, but Rob Bogaarts, who works for Dutch housing association Woonbedrijf, was very pleased that he had recently been taking English language lessons. Rob is responsible for the sustainability programme at Woonbedrijf, based on the ‘The Natural Step’. This concept originates from Sweden. He was invited to Stockholm to give a presentation about this method. And the Swedish King, Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden would attend. 

6 February 2015

Investigation into the information needs of knowledge workers.

The newspaper of Eindhoven, Eindhovens Dagblad, is investigating the information needs of knowledge workers. 

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