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10 October 2019

New Teaching location: Mikrocentrum Veldhoven

In order to meet the high demand of our Dutch Open Enrolments, we will be offering an additional teaching location at the Mikrocentrum in Veldhoven as of October 2019. We are very happy to be able to offer this new and great location.

16 September 2019

Language clinics for Dutch, English and German

Would you like to learn to speak better Dutch, English or German within a short time period? Do you feel that you are quite familiar with the language but that you sometimes just cannot find the right words? Then our language clinics are perfect to help you increase your speaking skills and vocabulary knowledge. In only 8 weeks you will be on your way to better language proficiency and more language confidence.

28 March 2019

‘I want to communicate with my Dutch colleagues in their own language’

Rasim Askin Dilan works as a Mechatronics Design Engineer at ASML (detached by YACHT B.V.). He is studying Dutch both for work and to build up his personal life: ‘I want to integrate and be a part of this new cultural environment.’

16 August 2018

'Dare to make mistakes'

Lars Sanders (27) works as Marketing Programs Account Manager at DAF Trucks. He gives presentations in German for his work. In order to strengthen his language skills he attended an individual German course.

13 August 2018

´It’s nice to know what’s going on’

Avanti Wadugodapitiya works in Maastricht, lives in Eindhoven and volunteers in Amsterdam. She knows her way around in the Netherlands and is learning Dutch at a quick pace.

20 December 2017

Learn Dutch at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven


New group courses by STE Languages from January 2018


In 2017 as many as 1,100 expats took Dutch lessons at STE. To make it even easier to learn Dutch STE is now offering group training courses at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.


30 October 2017

‘Doing your homework is essential. And having fun!’

Advising German companies when they are entering the Dutch market. That’s what insurance consultant Rob van Leeuwen (44) does. This requires professional communication skills in German including insurance terminology. To thoroughly  improve his German, he is taking an individual language course at STE.


23 October 2017

‘Try reading a children’s book!’

Julien Borromini (29) has lived in the Netherlands since 2014. He moved from France to the Netherlands to be with his boyfriend.  So the language of love is not the problem, but the language of his new country is a challenge. This is why he is working on his Dutch language skills at STE.


30 May 2017

Aalsterweg 3: the new premises of STE Languages

A meeting place for different cultures. An interior design to connect people. The language institute in the southern part of the Netherlands would like their interior design to reflect its professional and result-oriented nature as well as being open and welcoming. STE Languages is a society in a nutshell. Course participants need to feel at ease and welcome, and – above all – proud of their background. Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe created an interior design for the new premises of STE Languages that softens boundaries and offers plenty of space for everyone’s own unique background and story. This a meeting place where language connects us.  


24 October 2016

German lessons in the Virtual Classroom


He works for BIB (Dreumex) in Roermond, the Netherlands. Over half of his clients and suppliers are German. Product manager Ton Lagarde would like to speak German too, and decides to take German lessons at STE Languages. “We were able to communicate in English, but I can tell that my clients appreciate it when they can speak German to me.” He opted for the Virtual Classroom because of the travelling distance.

23 September 2016

Dutch television programmes with helpful subtitles for newcomers

There is a new television channel for everyone who has just arrived in the Netherlands. It’s an initiative of the Dutch public broadcasting corporation. On the website you can find a wide range of Dutch television programmes with Dutch, English and Arabic subtitles. STE is very pleased with this initiative and would like all its course participants to make the most of it. Watching Dutch television will certainly contribute to your learning process. 


18 August 2016

A change in our programme of Dutch language courses

STE is introducing a new and improved programme for open enrolment Dutch language courses for groups. A new level of B1- for group courses will be added. This additional level of B1- will help course participants to make a better transition from level A2+ to B1. Another new aspect of the programme is the two-tier system after completing level A2: 


  • B1- towards STEX I, B1 towards STEX I (STEX I stands for Staatsexamen I, at Dutch secondary vocational education level middelbaar beroepsonderwijs mbo) 
  • B1-, B1, B1+, B2 optionally followed by exam training for Staatsexamen II at Dutch higher education level hoger beroepsonderwijs hbo/university). 

21 June 2016

Apply for a subsidy for your employees

There are several different tax arrangements and subsidies in the Netherlands which promote study and further training.

4 May 2016

In-company language courses make expats feel extra welcome

Altran consultants are taking an in-company language course


Initially, the expats who started working for Altran could manage fine with their English language skills. After all, the majority of the international employees did not speak any Dutch. But when Altran merged with Nspyre and TASS in 2015, language skills did become an issue. 

25 March 2016

Meeting the King of Sweden

A unique experience for Rob Bogaarts of Dutch housing assocation Woonbedrijf.


He did not learn to speak Swedish for this meeting, but Rob Bogaarts, who works for Dutch housing association Woonbedrijf, was very pleased that he had recently been taking English language lessons. Rob is responsible for the sustainability programme at Woonbedrijf, based on the ‘The Natural Step’. This concept originates from Sweden. He was invited to Stockholm to give a presentation about this method. And the Swedish King, Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden would attend. 

6 February 2015

Investigation into the information needs of knowledge workers.

The newspaper of Eindhoven, Eindhovens Dagblad, is investigating the information needs of knowledge workers. 

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