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30 oktober 2017

‘Doing your homework is essential. And having fun!’

Advising German companies when they are entering the Dutch market. That’s what insurance consultant Rob van Leeuwen (44) does. This requires professional communication skills in German including insurance terminology. To thoroughly  improve his German, he is taking an individual language course at STE.


Why did you decide to take a language course?
‘With my company Van Leeuwen Hypotheken & Verzekeringen (Mortgages and Insurance) I work together with an accountancy firm in Zuid-Limburg in the south of Holland. At one point I was asked to help German companies entering the Dutch market. These companies are confronted with Dutch insurance so the policy documents are in a foreign language for them. It was up to me to explain these Dutch documents in German. My German was not bad, but insurance terminology is very specific. So I decided to take a language course.’


Why STE Languages?
‘I posted a message on LinkedIn and I soon received this tip. I visited their website, read a few reviews and it was easy for me to decide.’


Why are you taking an individual language course?
‘My Business German needs are very specific. By taking a tailor-made, individual language course my personal learning needs and requirements in the field of insurance can be met. And I make more progress compared to a group training course.’


How’s the course going? What are your learning experiences?
‘Very well! I am very happy with my German language trainer. She is always clear when she explains things and she knows exactly when to correct my errors. She is quite strict about doing homework. But there is a good reason for that: Doing homework is essential! So I need to find time to do it.
And we both have a sense of humour, so we have a lot of fun which is great.’


Is the course providing added value in your job?
‘My German was not bad when I started the course, but I am definitely making progress. My main challenge right now is that German needs to become a much more natural way of communicating for me. Don’t think too much, just do it.’


And finally, what is your general impression of STE?
‘Great. Excellent communication. If anything changes or if I can’t make it to class, it is solved quickly. I like the new building. It’s easy to park my car. And the STE account manager keeps in touch to ask me how things are going. It’s all going very well!’

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