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16 september 2019

Language clinics for Dutch, English and German

Would you like to learn to speak better Dutch, English or German within a short time period? Do you feel that you are quite familiar with the language but that you sometimes just cannot find the right words? Then our language clinics are perfect to help you increase your speaking skills and vocabulary knowledge. In only 8 weeks you will be on your way to better language proficiency and more language confidence.

During standard language courses emphasis is placed on speaking, listening, reading and writing. The distinction between our language clinics is that attention is paid to speaking fluency and that makes all the difference in daily practice. Our trainers are "native speakers" that will help you learn and consolidate the language. Learn to listen better and speak more fluently so that you feel much more confident whilst participating in your conversations and daily interactions.

Dutch Language Clinic
The Dutch language clinic has been specially developed to improve fluency and increase stock of vocabulary in a relatively short time period. Students learn to participate in meetings, give feedback and present and debate on a range of topics. By using a range of different mediums and tailor made activities, students can practice conversing on an expansive list of current affairs topics, resulting in an increase in vocabulary, language comprehension and a reinforced skill set. Students will also learn how to use common colloquialisms but will also be made aware of common language mistakes. The Dutch language clinic combines reading, listening and learning strategies that are directly applicable in daily and working life.


English language clinic
Do you constantly search for the right words when speaking English? Do you wonder if the other person really understands what you mean? Would you like to feel more relaxed during an English conversation when communicating for business but also within your private life?  During the English language clinic you will increase your "skills" quickly and structurally. By way of debates, discussions, giving presentations, amongst other activities, you will learn to avoid the pitfalls and choose the right vocabulary. An interactive clinic full of interesting conversations, useful tips and valuable insights.

German language clinic
Would you like to learn to speak German more easily, within a short time period, without complicated grammar exercises and time-consuming homework? Then the German language clinic is the solution. Increase your vocabulary and learn to avoid the most common mistakes. No listening exercises, pure speaking skills! You will be able to speak more easily and with more routine which will allow you to get your message across more proficiently.

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