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Welcome to STE Languages

STE Languages is the leading language institute in Brabant and Limburg and has been active in language training for more than thirty years. Language training is given at all levels and in all languages such as Dutch, English, German, Spanish and many more.
The programs in which we offer these language courses are: Open Enrolments, In-company courses and Individual courses. We also provide training courses that prepare students for the Civic Integration Exam and the NT2 State Exams.
A good command of a language is important for companies to better serve their clients. In addition, mastering a language contributes to feeling at home within society and is also important within companies, so that mutual co-operation and internal security can be achieved.
STE Languages has a broad clientele ranging from large multinationals, internationally operating companies, SMEs, municipalities, social organisations, educational institutions to (professional) sports associations.


STE Languages has 16 classrooms at its location at Aalsterweg 3 in Eindhoven, where face-to-face and online lessons can be given. We have a wide range of training courses, including:



STE Languages are currently following the RIVM and government guidelines. This means that all our open enrolment group courses which were being held at our location at Aalsterweg 3 in Eindhoven, will be taking place face-to-face or via our Online Classrooms.


Are you starting your language training soon and would like to collect your teaching materials from STE Languages in person? Please view our opening hours here.


If you would like more information or have any queries regarding our language training, please feel free to email or call us at or on 040 245 28 60.


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