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STE Languages gives practical and goal-oriented language workshops. The difference with regular language training courses is that in a workshop you mainly learn by doing. In a workshop you work on a specific skill which you will be able to put into practice immediately.

Practical and goal-oriented

STE Languages offers workshops for many different purposes. Our workshops are always tailored to your specific needs. A workshop is given to a group of course participants and is aimed at improving one particular skill. For example: writing e-mails, giving presentations, meeting skills, negotiating skills, applying for a job (application letters, interviews and CVs). These workshops are given in Dutch, English, German, French or Spanish.

How does it work? You get the chance to practise with your own examples from your daily work. No matter which workshop you choose: your own input is essential. You can be as ambitious as you like. The language trainers of STE Languages are pleased to assist you in your learning process.


STE English workshops through open registration

There are two practical and targeted workshops you can sign up for:


  • Giving Presentations in English
  • Email writing in  English


These STE workshops have always been highly popular. Until recently, it was only possible for groups of employees registered by their employer to attend these workshops.


Now you are able to take part in STE through open registration. It is possible for individual students who want to improve their level of English to register for these workshops.

Practical details


Each workshop has 16 contact hours and is given during the daytime. You will have four-hour blocks once every second week, 4 times in total. The groups are relatively small consisting of 4 – 9 course participants so that each participant receives enough individual attention from the language trainer. At the end of the workshop you will receive a certificate of attendance.

Would you like to arrange a language workshop? Or would you like more information about these workshops from STE Languages? Give us a call on 040 - 245 28 60 or alternatively, you can use the contact form.

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