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Online Classroom

A distance learning language course. It sounds convenient and ideal ... and it most certainly is. For example, when you can’t come to one of the offices of STE Languages or when you are on a business trip. Your language training course won’t be interrupted, which is better for the learning process. You can effectively improve all four language skills wherever and whenever you like.


Flexible learning and applying new knowledge

You may not be able to attend a language course every week. Or perhaps you have to go on a business trip all of a sudden. You can continue to learn a foreign language thanks to our Online Classroom. For example, you can continue to study Japanese after you have moved to Japan. And you can put into practice what you have already learnt. You will be in direct contact with one of our language trainers, someone who knows all about the local culture. In your own language. No trouble at all.


Online classroom

What kinds of things can you expect from your online lessons? A digital whiteboard, screen sharing, digital notes, extra material on MySTE and of course your trainer and your fellow students! Should you need to ask a question during class, then you can use the chat function. Online learning is also fun - students regularly take part in live quizzes that are a normal part of virtual lessons. What will you need in order to attend these lessons? A good dose of motivation, the desire to develop your skills and a working internet connection and camera / microphone for optimal communication. Let's get started!


You will take the language training course by means of our Online Classroom. The online solution is a very advanced system in which we use a teleconferencing application that makes it possible to attend and give lessons interactively. Once you have successfully completed the training course, there will be a final evaluation and a certificate according to the European Framework of Reference.


Would you like more information about our Online Classroom? Or would you like to register or enrol for lessons by means of our STE Languages Online Classroom? We look forward to discussing the details with you. Phone 040 - 245 28 60 or alternatively, you can use the contact form.

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