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Group courses

You can take part in one of our group language courses through ‘open enrolment’. The courses are given in small groups of up to nine participants, where everyone has the same starting level.

If you want to learn Dutch in a shorter space of time, two classes a week in the intensive course might be appropriate for you. 


If you can manage an even higher pace of study, check here for the Highly Intensive Day Course. 

Learning a language in stages
Group courses at STE Languages is ideal for learning a language in stages. In these courses the emphasis is on general business language. You work progressively towards a higher level and complete the course with a test. Once you pass the test you can take part in a course at a higher language level. You determine the duration of your language course and your target level. We offer group courses in Dutch, English and German.


Regular group courses
Classes for the group courses in Dutch, English and German can be taken once a week. 
This course lasts fifteen weeks and starts twice a year, in January and September. The schedule of the planned group classes can be found here

Intensive group courses in Dutch
It is also possible to take intensive group courses in Dutch, which means you take two classes a week instead of one. This course lasts seven and a half weeks and is given five times a year. Starting dates are in January, April, June, September and November. The schedule for the planned group classes can be found here


Highly intensive group courses in Dutch
If taking classes by day better suits your schedule, STE’s Highly Intensive Day Course may be of interest to you. Along with course participants from all over the world, you’ll take on the challenge of creating a solid foundation in Dutch language in seven and a half weeks (levels A1 and A2) or ten weeks (levels B1 or B2). After this course you’ll be able to converse with greater ease – not in English but in Dutch – with neighbours, parents at your child’s school or your colleagues at work. Click here for more information 

Conversation courses for Dutch and English
STE offers conversation courses for Dutch and English at various levels. Conversation training allows you to improve your speaking skills and expand your vocabulary. It gives you the opportunity to put everything you have learned into action. With practice, you will become more confident in your speaking skills. Your use of language will become more varied and you will improve your pronunciation.

Each lesson focuses on a different subject. A language trainer supervises the conversation and gives you advice and tips on vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation.


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